Summer Leadership Summit – Using my Networking Skills

Taylor Townley

Junior – Texas A&M University-Commerce


My SLS Experience

While attending the 2012 Summer Leadership Summit, I was quickly given the main focus: networking. At first, I was a little concerned on how this topic would actually impact my approaches when I returned back on campus, but I tried to stay positive. Throughout the weekend, many sessions were held that each had a different method in trying to “broaden your network.” Many exercises helped me understand that the few students who were there were involved in numerous activities, organizations, and jobs on campus. These people had connections that could help you accomplish your individual or organizational goals. Many individuals could help you accomplish your purpose, if only you proactively developed that relationship.

The topic of the past Summer Leadership Summit has helped me in many ways. I have new friendships, others that have grown, I have helped the purpose of others, and I have gained a new job on campus as well. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by one of my sorority sisters. She informed me to reach out to someone who had recommended me for a job at the One Stop Shop. I found this strange, since I did not apply for one, but I was open to the opportunity. One of the Agriculture Ambassadors works there and recommended me to her boss, who hired me after a five minute conversation. The connection I had from one of my organizations has helped me accomplish one of my goals, without even really asking. The topic of networking really came into play during this situation.


What I Learned about Networking

It is important to acknowledge the people around you who have the connection you want to obtain, or who can help you accomplish one of your goals. All you have to do is ask! If you do, maybe the good work you have done will help you more than you could ever imagine. I am looking forward to the next Summer Leadership Summit to see what other ways could help to better myself as a person, accomplish more goals, and contribute more to my campus.