Rhyann’s ‘One Word’ – Believer


Thinking of just one word to describe yourself can be a very long process, especially when there are so many aspects that contribute to who you truly are. So after a lot of thinking and going back and forth between the perfect words, I finally chose the word believer. I consider believer to be the best word to describe myself because it has molded me and will continue to shape my life even as I grow older.

Throughout my life, just like most people, I have lived through some pretty good times that really made me cherish special moments and a few bad times that I would really like to forget.  Although some parts of life would shake me up inside, there was always one thing that I could not forget: my belief in God. Becoming a believer in Christ started when I was young and has developed into something miraculous. My faith will always be the center of my life because, without it, I know that a lot of things in my life would fall apart.

Although the word believer is mostly used in the terms of religion, it is not the only way I will be using it. I also consider myself a believer in my future. I truly believe that someday I will become successful doing something that I really enjoy. Being a believer, in my opinion, means that you believe in a specific thing or idea even if sometimes the steps you have to take to get there may be stressful, hard, or way out of your league. Something inside you still continues to give you the courage that one day you will accomplish that goal. I will continue to make my “I Believe” statements even if the goal seems impossible in other people’s eyes.  As long as I don’t give up, I know I will achieve it.

I believe that when I grow older and begin to be on my own that I will have an enjoyable career. I believe that I can possibly start my own organization or charity that will make a huge difference in the lives of my close friends, family and other people that I have never met, just by using some of my unique talents. I believe that I will have a family one day whose foundation will be God and Love, just like how I grew up. I believe in myself. Things that will come my way may have the power to tear me down and give me the chance to give up, but I cannot allow my situations to determine my final outcome.

Sara’s ‘One Word’ – Neophilia


Neophilia. A word that, when said, often gets misunderstood as necrophilia; however, the meanings are on completely different sides of the spectrum.  Unlike necrophilia, neophilia is defined as “love of or enthusiasm for what is new or novel” by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Personally, I feel as though it took me time to discover this specific word because of how I would keep searching through different languages and somehow kept ending up learning about the different meanings without really realizing that I was performing my word the whole time.     The thought of trying or learning something new is always amazing to me. This is especially true when it comes down to tasting something new or learning interesting facts about different cultures. You can almost always see my neophilia come into play when you ask me to tell you my favorite music, because I can never decide. Constantly this part of me comes up when I least expect and next thing I know, I’m rock climbing for the first time in my life or learning to skateboard simply because I can. My life seems to be a constant question of, “What is one new thing that I have learned this week?” or “Am I willing to try this even if I may fall or fail?”

Not only do I choose this word due to my pleasure in trying new things, but I like the challenge. I like being able to say that I did it even though I may have failed, I was still willing to try. If I can be completely honest at this moment, if it hadn’t been for this desire of trying new things, I would not be as involved in campus as I am. Everything I have done thus far has been out of the curiosity and wondering what it would be like.

If I hadn’t been a neophiliac, I wouldn’t be able to say that I once tried taking taekwondo and failed miserably, yet I loved every minute of it. I wouldn’t be able to say that I met my best-friend through an organization that I was very hesitant about applying for. I couldn’t say that I met some of the most inspiring people in my life through my high school theatre department. If it hadn’t been for this trait of mine, I quite possibly would not have the confidence in myself that I have today. If I could thank this trait, or word, I would thank it for the ability to stand out among others with my odd interests and my odd way of living life to the fullest.

Jeremiah’s ‘One Word’ – Identity


I look at myself as a very unique individual. My interpretation of myself would most likely be put in these words: staying true to who I am. In a world where people, commercials, movies, shows, music, etc. tell you everything you need and want, it is constantly getting harder to go against the grain and be your own person. Media, and the people consumed in it, will constantly push their agenda of “fitting in” and being structured to fit the mold of being consumed in the next big trend. Everywhere you look, you can see people in society putting their wealth in items and the new style that is out. The reason I say I am unique, and also true to myself, is that I believe that I have found my wealth in who I am and that I’ve placed my wealth in my mentality and what I believe in. The word that has impacted me and that I hold close is identity.  I identify with this word because I go by my own accord, and I live how I believe God has set me here to do, and not how culture is telling me to do.

Identity is what I place my hopes, dreams, and worth in. The reason the word identity is significant to me is that by having my own sense of identity, I gain certain qualities that I would not have if I did not develop this concept of self. Putting my identity in God, and under that my own opinions of life and what I believe in, helps me remain humble, be selfless, and stay a unique individual in a world that is constantly trying to push its values on you and bend you to what it wants you to be. Identity has really helped me stay true to my core values and is constantly reminding me to stay in my own lane and take the road less traveled.

Micah’s ‘One Word’ – Multifaceted


I chose a word that I think describes me best:  multifaceted. Most times when you hear the word multifaceted it is used to talk about a gem, but I believe it can apply to me also. The word multifaceted means “having many aspects or phases.”

I think that I am a very multifaceted person, because I have many layers to my personality. Most people that know me know that I am usually a very goofy and loud person. With that being said, I don’t think that most people know that I can be a very serious person. I love to have fun but I also know how to be serious and get my work done.

I also chose “Multifaceted” based off of some of the words from my StrengthsQuest report. One of the words from my StrengthsQuest was Adaptability, which is pretty much a person who can change to fit just about any setting. The words adaptability and multifaceted go hand in hand in my eyes. If you’re a person who is able to change and maneuver in different situations then that shows your skills or layers. Being multifaceted does have its ups and downs. I believe that most people wouldn’t really know about all of the layers that I have because I tend to be a very guarded person when it comes to people that I don’t know very well. But then again, I make friends very easily which is another one of my layers or skills.  This skill was classified as WOO in my StrengthsQuest. Another one of my strengths was that I am a relator.  I think my StrengthsQuest also says a lot about me, being that my strengths are all different from each other in subtle ways but pretty much give off the same effects.

I think that all of those things lead back to me being multifaceted because I can be many different things and do many different things. I can wear multiple hats in any situation. I have had to grow into this, and I’m still learning and gaining new skills every day.

Natalie’s ‘One Word’ – Pursuit


Pursuit is what motivates me every day. When I think of pursuit, I think of never giving up. The first time I really began to understand this word was when I was eight years old. For my birthday that year my mom gave me the movie A Cinderella Story. I was ecstatic because Hilary Duff was my favorite actress at the time. There are two quotes I will always remember from that movie. The first being, “My dad always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.” And the second, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” From that point forward I thought about those two lines constantly. I came into the mindset that pursuit, fear, and quitting went hand in hand. I was just getting into sports at the time and if I became fearful or wanted to give up I would think of pursuit and my mindset would instantaneously change.

For most of my life pursuit was mostly related to sports; however, later in life, the word took on a different meaning. When I graduated from high school, I decided to end my volleyball career and pursue esthetics. When I started school at the Steiner Institute of Esthetics, I was afraid of failure. Although I knew I loved skincare, I was ignorant when it came to most of the skills needed to graduate. I was surrounded by people who had been in the industry for years and felt at a disadvantage. The word “pursuit” and the quote about fear from A Cinderella Story popped back into my head. Pursuit was no longer just about sports, it was about my life goals as well. After graduating from the Steiner Institute of Esthetics as number one in my class, I started considering going to college. Again, I started becoming fearful of the process, but the foundation of pursuit that had been established in me for years now pushed me to try. After completing my first college class, I realized I was equipped to succeed. I then started talking to one of my former club volleyball coaches and asked if he thought it would be possible for me to play volleyball at a university. He didn’t hesitate when he said we would try and do everything we could to make it happen. It took a lot of hard work, but eventually I got offered a scholarship to play at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Without pursuit, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have changed directions so many times, and have been fearful of the process. I thought that pursuit just meant something to me in sports, but it ended up getting me through many other things in life as well. I think fear is also what drives my pursuit. Not fear of failure necessarily, but fear of not getting what I want in life. Fear that drives me to not settle for mediocre goals. Pursuit is what pushes me to be my best every day.


Jantavia’s ‘One Word’ – Tall


The best word to describe me would be the word tall.  This isn’t because I am a little above the average height for a female, but I chose it because most people don’t look at it as a word with meaning.  It’s so simple, but it has such a deep meaning.

I think of myself as a giraffe. I look at those that don’t want the best for me as turtles.  They try to bring me down to their level and tell me I cannot achieve anything.  For me, I believe that a turtle cannot tell me what I can and cannot do.  They may talk negatively about me, but giraffes and turtles don’t have the same viewpoint.  I, as the giraffe, can see the bigger vision, while the turtle can only see a small picture.

I am the giraffe. My struggles are the turtle. My struggles made me think I was not going to continue to move forward because I was down.  However, I could see further to the future from my different viewpoint while going through my struggle.  I learned to stand tall, be a giraffe, and picture all the negative winds that blew my way were small turtles.

Standing tall is being strong. I have been through way more at my age than most other teens have experienced, and I have been able to be the giraffe through all my situations. I am beyond proud of myself, because there were plenty of times where I wanted to just give up and stop. Standing tall kept me strong in those moments. Standing tall made me closer to God. Standing tall made me the woman I am today. Strong, beautiful, smart and loving: a tall giraffe.

Payton’s ‘One Word’ – Imperturbable


Every day the people around us challenge our intangible assets. One of those assets is emotion. Being able to control your emotions is based on your mindset. Whenever I am challenged in any way, I refuse to allow someone to have the power to easily perturb me. I am imperturbable.

The definition of imperturbable is very calm, very hard to disturb or upset. But saying I’m imperturbable doesn’t mean I’m saying that my emotions don’t get stirred up occasionally. It just means that it’s quite difficult to affect my mental state.

A big reason I chose this word to describe me is because it was never something I had to work to obtain. The idea of not being bothered by things has always come naturally. I’ve never been one to be heavily affected by a statement, action, or the opinion someone has towards me. Staying in a calm state of mind is always something I’ve done well. I’m not saying things don’t bother me, but I don’t allow them to sway my emotions often.

I’m not just imperturbable sometimes. I’m imperturbable in every aspect of my life. From the classroom to on the volleyball court and into my social life, I keep my composure. I believe this has helped me on the court more than anything. Getting yelled at is a part of being in sports. How you respond correlates directly to how you play. I allow it to hit me hard enough that it fuels me to be better but not enough to break down my mental state. I use this thought process also in the way that I handle the people involved in my social life. Conflict will always find a way to arise in relationships and throughout our lives. When anything that could possibly throw my emotions out of order occur, such has drama, I approach it calmly. Staying calm enables me to handle most situations better. This is because I manage situations with logic and not with my emotion.

This word is the reason why I am the way I am. It explains my flaws. It’s the reason I tend to seem emotionless at times. It’s the reason I am apathetic to most situations. However, it’s also a mindset. I’d take an imperturbable mindset with those flaws any day.